Love Starbucks? Here’s How to Save on Your Morning Coffee

How many times have you heard someone say, “you could afford X if you’d only give up that expensive cup of coffee every morning”? Pricy coffee is a convenient scapegoat for money shortages, but it’s definitely true that saving a few dollars here and there really can add up. On the other hand, that little luxury of a great cup of coffee in the morning when you really need an extra boost is hard to give up. Luckily, there’s a way you can save a few dollars and get your favorite coffee in the morning. Here’s how to save on your morning Starbucks.

Get the App For Extra Perks

Good deal
Save cash and avoid the long lines? The app is a win-win deal for you.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Starbucks app, you’re missing out on a trove of potential savings. Use the app to sign up for the My Starbucks Rewards program, and you’ll get free refills while you’re in the store, as well as a free birthday treat on your special day. What’s more, you’ll earn stars with every dollar you spend. And while you save time, you can also save money — order ahead with the app to skip the line.

Reach 300 of those stars, and you’ll have gold status, which means you get a free drink with every 125 stars. And those stars add up faster than you may think. With gold status, you’ll even have monthly double-star days that will help you get to that freebie a little faster.

Get Creative With Your Drink Order

Good deal
You may be able to tweak your order to get the same great taste for less.

Sometimes, just the way you order a drink can save you money. Skip the frappuccinos and macchiatos. Ask for a black iced or drip coffee with the syrup you like, and add the complimentary milk yourself. It’s not as fancy, but it will taste great and cost less. If your favorite drink is a cappuccino, try ordering a short instead of a tall. It’s smaller, but less expensive, and it has the same amount of espresso as a tall.

You can also save a dime by bringing your own cup or mug. That’s not a lot, but it still adds up, and you’re also helping the environment by avoiding disposable cups. If you’re going to be staying in the store for a while, order a coffee press pot instead of buying one drink and having it refilled. You’ll save by buying in bulk, and you’ll also save yourself the trouble of getting up every time you need a refill — that can be helpful if you’re working or studying.

Make Your Starbucks At Home

Save some cash by buying your beans and brewing them at home — that way, the cost of the barista won’t be built into your drink. You can choose your beans at your local Starbucks and have them ground, or you can find Starbucks coffee in your nearest grocery store.

Look for coupons and freebies, like the Starbucks sampler pack offer at This will help you get your homebrew going for less. Bonus: You can learn how to make your favorite frappuccino at home just by looking up the recipes online. can help you save on more than just your favorite coffee. To find out how, sign up for savings and deals today.

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